Sunday, October 21, 2012

Preamble to a coif

I've been looking at The Realm of Venus, its showcase, and its contests for a while. The web mistress has been kind enough to set of some guidelines for her next major costuming challenge that is to begin on April of next year. One of the new rules is that if a piece contains painfully time consuming handwork, such as lace making, weaving large items and so forth, you may begin earlier than the official start, provided that you document it and present the evidence when you register officially.

There is a pretty embroidered coif featured in one of Ghirlandaio's portraits, which I know as "Portrait of a Lady," circa 1480.
I can't make you the details of the pattern, which I am using as an excuse to use any design I please. The edging will be a bit more of a challenge, as I would rather that the final product not be so ostentatious, so no pearl border like some have done. I'll probably do a bit of needle lace or picot trim instead.

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