Friday, October 26, 2012

Grid O' Doom

The preparation work for embroidering this thing is notable enough to warrant its own post. Step number one was lengthy as I did it at my leisure between other projects, where I cut out a basic wavy coif pattern, basted it, tried it on and fussed with it until i was satisfied with the look. It ended up as a trapezoid.

Here is the mock up placed on the linen (a smock I'll never wear again) about to me marked and cut out.

Then came the joy of marking out the grid. Each square is supposed to be one centimeter, but some part are definitely rectangles. I eased my mind with the knowledge that not all period things were perfectly crafted. Maybe some wonkiness will add charm to the project.

 Marking this out took days. I took a break after gridding the edges to baste-hem the edges so nothing will unravel mid project.

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