Friday, January 18, 2013

The first fitting

I cut out the lining/toile of the bodice for my striped outfit. For this, I used a panel from my old liene from my SCA Irish clothes, since I have no intention of using that persona anymore, and the liene sports a few stains, among other things. The linen is soft enough to make me nervous, so I might end up using an interlining so i don't have to worry about the finished product flopping about.

As an aside, I marvel at how simple the business of making human sized clothes are when you have the undergarments and a sloper already handy. So much time saved, and most of the hard stuff is out of the way.
I pinned it all together using a broad allowance, as if the clothes are slightly snug, chances are they will stretch a bit. Also, I have picked up the idea that any more ease than needed is distasteful. I think I picked this up from too many years of reading the sewing adventures of others.

The first thing to go on this trial run was all the excess fabric from the center front seam. Yes, I did this on purpose when I first made the sloper, to accommodate any size fluctuation, but this is a bit absurd.

I also took the time to pin the straps securely, and stick a pin down the center back seam. Even with years of experience working with pins, I gouged a small hole in my palm. It was more an annoyance than anything serious at least.

More fitting adventures involving twisting, contorting and many tryings on will continue in future posts.
Center back seams are hard to fix.

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