Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An ideal dress

I have not seen Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, and I have no intention to. However, I've seen this dress, and some costumers' recreations of this dress. In my mind, I decided that I wanted to one day make an outfit inspired by, but not a direct copy of it. The starkness of the stripes and the zone front grab my fancy, but I would do the trim differently and go for more historical accuracy than theatrics.

And then one day Demode's Kendra started her Robe a la Turque and an idea started to form. The top layer would be the stripes, the under layer and petticoat would be black, and the trim would be black white and silver. I already have in my stash similar striped fabric, a length of black and silver rococo trim, and some wide eyelet I can convert into fluffy cuffs. Having the proper undergarments and a basic sloper lying around somewhere also helps.

Here is a crude picture of what I'd like:
I intend for the sleeves to be short, so I whited them out on MS Paint and added lines to stand in for engageantes (the aforementioned sleeve ruffles.) However, I am in not much of a hurry to begin, as I have other more immediate projects to work on. I will try to have it complete by next Comicon.

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