Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Powerful Geekery

I get distracted. A lot. My latest diversion is making and decorating a handkerchief. Part of the reason is that it is simple and makes a great canvas for embellishment. After some looking around, I decided to use a motif from a coif that I screen captured from Christie's website around May 2010. Alas, I did not write the date or provenance to the coif, so I can't tell you more than that. Silly me.

More importantly, I chose to make a handkerchief so that once IRCC is over I can convert it into pretty clothes for my dolls. Power recycling!

Once again this is cut from a piece of my liene, and a portion of the piece I cut from is stained. I carefully sorted through the floss in my stash to determine which of the colors I wanted was best at distracting from the stain. The circles are outlined in stem stitch, and the arrow parts are backstitched highlighted with French knots.

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