Thursday, March 7, 2013

The First Foray

This was made when I was in high school. I hadn't sewed since grade school, and my mom's machine loved to fight me. I seriously doubted my patience to hand sew an entire outfit, so I cast my mind about for what I could cosplay as.

Rei's plugsuit seemed to be the best idea. All I had to do was paint a unitard, and it wasn't so hard to find reference images. Finding all the appropriate fabric pens was tricky as I didn't know where to look, and the pens I found hated me. The either blobbed paint, or ran dry. After a while I ended up using highlighters as it seemed simpler than trying to finding more pens. To eliminate the possibility of undergarments being visible through the material, I painted the area opaque with white paint.

I did do a little bit of sewing for this costume. After purchasing the wig, I stitched and painted the little bobs you see on top, and sewed them on. I bought gloves and made fat cloth bracelets, but they were awkward so I left them off.

 I also gathered some white cloth and ribbons to simulate her head bandages, and at this outfit's debut, someone was kind enough to give me his spare ace bandages so I could wrap myself up even more. Hence I found that having only one eye open upon entering a dark room makes night vision tricky, and removing the patch after hours of wear is a mildly trippy experience. This outfit lasted for two conventions and one Halloween, but it did not store well. All folded up, the paint ran where it shouldn't, making the thing a bit of a mess. As I don't have the heart to throw it away, it lives in my closet on permanent retirement.

While not the best cosplay, it's still my first, and for that I have a soft spot for it.

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