Sunday, February 3, 2013

Down the Middle

Tightening the center back seam is not easy when you're fitting on yourself. It requires a lot of patience, flexibility, and a willingness to pin and unpin yourself out of the mockup constantly. and in the end, it's never snug enough. Grumble. I've decided that it's tight enough for now, and hopefully I won't be too disappointed by the fit.

I noticed that when I lace up my stays, I can't fully straighten. I have to bend down to lace them up, and when they're on, I stay bent. This is probably why the top of the central line started to curve in drastically when I pinned it last time (I since took those pins out.)

I cut too much front the center fronts. It's simple enough to pin in the top and bottom, but to get the center to close at all I have to lace up drastically and tug a lot. As I don't want to fight with the finished product, I'll have to recut the fronts, and use the over trimmed bits as mockups for the zone front.

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